My mission is to inspire engagement and enable success for traders and investors in the financial markets, by creating tools, content, and community.


Understanding that “Diversification is the only free lunch”, I believe that diversification should happen both in asset classes and across strategies (involving parameters like delta, time, risk, and volatility), financial instruments (equities, etfs, futures, options), and time horizons (years, months, weeks, days).


When it comes to long term passive investing, I was inspired very early in life by the passive strategies from long time market watcher Dick Davis in his book, The Dick Davis Dividend. Of note to the old schoolers out there, I read the book after a recommendation from Charles Kirk on “The Kirk Report”, and it changed my life forever. Thanks Charles!

More active strategies for medium to long term investing come from various sources, including Joel Greenblatt’s “Magic Formula” strategy from The Little Book That (Still) Beats The Market, the strategies outlined in Richard Tortiello’s Quantitative Strategies for Achieving Alpha, and Andreas Clenow’s Stocks on the Move.

Moving from investing into trading, yet more active automated strategies are largely inspired by Ernest Chan in his series of algorithmic trading books.


Mostly expect me to talk about quantitative strategies and tools that I’m working on, ranging from very long-term time frames to very short-term time frames. I’ll often get into data, logic, and coding, but usually with a big focus on concepts and the why. I’m here to share what I’m learning and find others who are on the journey as well.