Welcome to the new @paidtofade blog. If you want to learn more about my influences and history, click here.

See below for the schedule of content planned for the next couple months. Let’s see where it goes.

First is all about long term foundations with the all weather portfolio, and then we’ll start digging into volatility from a trading perspective. Eventually I’ll have that lead in to a lot of content on options. But let’s lay the groundwork first.

  • The All-Weather Portfolio: Diversification and Asset Classes
  • The All-Weather Portfolio: Asset Classes in Action
  • The All-Weather Portfolio: Building, Measuring, and Managing
  • Volatility 101: Introduction
  • Special topic guest post
  • Volatility 101: Realized Volatility
  • Volatility 101: Implied Volatility
  • Special topic guest post

I’m looking forward rolling out this content and seeing what happens next in the markets. If you have any thoughts on what you’d like to see in future content, or something we should research, hit me up on my twitter account.

Good trading out there.